7 Interesting Gadgets for Homes of the Future ...

Being something of a science fiction enthusiast, I often wonder about the interesting gadgets for homes of the future that inventors are cooking up in their genius brains. Some of the items we have in our homes today were once dreamt up in the minds of science fiction writers, and twenty years ago it would have been difficult to envision how much our lives have changed today and the wonderful things we have around the home to make our lives easier. Here are a few of the gadgets for homes of the future that have been invented to make our lives easier and may be coming to a home near you sooner than you think!

1. Power Paint

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So this technically isn't one of the gadgets for homes, but it will be able to power them. Following new research into the new 'miracle material' called graphene, soon houses could be painted with a power generating paint which will be able to generate electricity from sunlight. This material was first discovered in 2004 and earned the researchers a Nobel Prize. Acting like a super-powerful solar panel, the material will be able to generate enough electricity inside the building to run our appliances in the home.

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