7 Interesting and Fun Facts about Giraffes ...

I recently learned some interesting facts about giraffes that were actually pretty cool. I have a giraffe stuffed animal named Sheldon Claude and all my friends love him like he is their own. He’s the cutest giraffe out there, in my completely biased opinion. One of my friends, who loves to spend time with Sheldon, started talking about facts about giraffes and I couldn’t help but gain so much appreciation for this incredible animal.

1. Baby Giraffes

A fun fact about giraffes takes place immediately after birth. Mothers not only give birth standing up but their babies can stand within 10 minutes of coming out of the womb. I find that incredible because it takes humans about a year to master this skill. What’s more, after only 10 hours of being born, baby giraffes can already run alongside their families. Talk about early learners!