8 Inspiring Decorations for Your Home ...

Decorations for Home are not something to scoff at. Maybe you don't necessarily put too much value on how your home looks, but think of it this way-Your home is an impression of you! It should be unique, fun, inspiring and passionate, just like you are! And what better way to showcase it then with these inspiring decorations for home! Your friends will love it and you will love showing off the new decorations in your house. You're sure to find at least one inspiring decoration for your house on my list. I'm in love with all these pieces myself! But there are a few that really stand out. I'm sure you can find some new, unique and inspiring decorations for home if you keep on reading this article!

1. Tiki Vase

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Price: $29.95 at crateandbarrel.com

Looking for some ways to introduce calming water elements into your home? Then this vase is the piece to start with! Nature has such soothing effects-and especially water-so you will feel perfectly at ease in any room that sports this beautiful vase. Handmade of cased glass, this vase will look pretty no matter where you display it. A shelf, a table, a corner-this little buddy will be happy no matter where you give it a home!

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