Innovative Ways to Donate to Charity ...

Scott Garell of and and Caryl Stren of, discuss with Fox News how to donate easily. is just like Google. However, every time you freely search using this search engine, a penny goes to the charity of your choice! Can you think of an easier way to give?

With, every time you shop for an item, again money goes to the charity of your choice. has many fundraisers. For example, on Halloween, have kids take a box for pennies when trick-or-treating. During water week, when you go to a restaurant and order a glass of water, pay a dollar even though it is free. $1.00 can give a child clean water for 40 days! If you search the website, there are more fundraisers to choose from.

I hope this gets you inspired. These do not seem like very much, but every little bit counts!

Thank you!

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