7 Informative and Fun YouTube How-to Videos ...

When it comes to learning something new, YouTube how-to videos are where I go first. YouTube used to be known for videos on adorable animals or people doing ridiculously dumb things. Now, it has grown up a bit and even has some pretty great content. Whether it is about contouring with make-up, simple recipes to try, or workouts to tone, YouTube how-to videos have it all and they are being updated daily. If you have not been on YouTube recently, get ready, it’s not just cute pets doing adorable things.

1. Natural Beauty by Michelle Phan

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If you know YouTube how-to videos relating to make-up, chances are you know who Michelle Phan is. Michelle Phan is one of my favorite YouTuber’s; her videos all relate to beauty and are some of the most well put together and informative make-up tutorials out there. This how-to will help those wanting a natural make-up look, or even, a great place to start with a more glammed-up face. I used what I learned from this how-to a lot over the summer and will continue using it this fall.

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