2. Complimentary Items

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If you buy a lot of cosmetics or have a few of your favorite shops where you are known as a “regular”, you probably receive a lot of complimentary items. Now, those things are often too small or umm…let’s say “cheap” to be used as gifts but I’m absolutely sure there are some that are more than fit to be given as presents. For example- there were these great giveaways this September which lasted about a week and during that week you could buy a perfume and get some really cool stuff. I can’t remember all of them but there is one particular offer I remember clearly – buying Marc Jacobs Lola or Daisy perfume would get you an awesome piece of Marc Jacobs perfumed jewelry for free! Now, wouldn’t a Lola ring or a Daisy necklace be a great gift? Wouldn’t your little sister or young cousin love a signature makeup bag filled with travel sized packages of makeup?

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