11 Incredible Items to Put on Your Holiday Wish List This Year ...

I know the holidays aren’t quite here yet, but I have to admit, I’ve already started building my holiday wish list! With all the new fall and winter clothes popping up in stores, new kitchen appliances being released, and tons of great shoes I’m just dying for, I couldn’t help but pick out some things for my wish list. Truth be known, I actually enjoy buying for others more than I do receiving gifts, but it is still fun picking out some items for fun, just in case! Some of my favorite things to put on my wish list are things I would like to have, but other things that I really need or would like that I can’t afford to buy myself. Check out my holiday wish list must-haves below and be sure to share yours with me! I never mind getting even better ideas to tack onto my list!

1. New Running Shoes

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One thing I always put on my holiday wish list is a new pair of running shoes, which we all known aren’t cheap! This way, I get a new pair each year and by the time the holidays roll around each year, I need them desperately since I use mine every single day all year round. One pair I’m asking for this year is Brooks brand running shoes, which are some of the best according to Runner’s magazine, and they’re even vegan as a bonus!

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