7 Incredible Examples of Animal Camouflage ...

I am growing more and more fascinated by the wildlife on Planet Earth and recently watched a documentary which included examples of animal camouflage. These creatures and the amazing way they blend into their surroundings so seamlessly are truly astonishing. This is no little matter of slapping a few streaks on your cheeks and foliage in your helmet a la marines heading into the jungle. These ways of animal camouflage are nature’s way of protecting creatures from predators and also, providing the ways of enticing prey while remaining hidden. Here’s just a few examples of incredible animal camouflage:

1. The Tree Frog

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The tree frog is one of many amphibians that use its color to conceal itself. Instead of being a muddy green or brown color, this frog is bright green - the same bright green color that its habitat of bushes and trees are. This animal camouflage is a bright color which successfully hides it from predators as a result. Even greater is the fact that even if a predator sees it, it only takes one hop and it’s mixed in with the rest of the foliage yet again.

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