Important πŸ‘Œ Reasons to Turn Your Lights πŸ’‘ off 🌚 ...

I don’t know about you, but I am someone who had the bad habit of leaving lights on around the house, both when I went out and sometimes even when I went to bed at night. Knowing it's bad for the environment, it is something I made the conscious decision to change and it is something that you should stop too if you are also guilty! Here are a few of the most important reasons to turn our lights off.

1. You’re Not the Only One

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You might think you are the only one who likes to keep a kitchen light on all night, so it shouldn’t make a difference to the environment right? Wrong. Around ten percent of the country leaves its lights on overnight, which is a huge waste of energy. Get out of the habit of thinking that you are the only one doing it, and we can start to make a high difference.

2. Wasting Money

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Every light left on means more money added to your utility bill, so why would you want to give yourself more expenses when you are asleep and don’t even benefit from the light being on?

3. Carbon Emissions

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By leaving your lights on, you are actually contributing your small part to the massive carbon dioxide emissions all over the world. Regularly leaving lights on can equate to the same emissions as 45 flights around the world!

4. Save Money

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Think about all that money you can save by making your home completely dark at night, for some it can be as much as Β£16 ($20) per week. That’s over Β£800 ($1000+) per year, which is more than enough for a great holiday for two!

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