9 Important Environmental Choices We Make Every Single Day ...


Most of us get up each day without so much as a thought to what environmental choices we make every single hour of our day. It can be overwhelming to think about just how detrimental our society has become in protecting the future of our environment. I don’t know about you, but most days my job, making enough money to pay the bills and keep food in the fridge, and embracing my hobbies and activities for the day is what’s on my mind the most. Environmental choices are important to me, but often take a backseat in my mind’s priority list. If you’re in the same boat as I am, I’d like you to join me this year in really paying attention to some environmental choices we make each day that are really important to think about. No matter how easy they are to neglect, these choices affect us in many, many different ways we never think about.

1. Water Use

Most of us start our day with making one of the most unconscious environmental choices of all. In fact, I can guarantee you that the first hour I’m awake, I probably use more water overall than most families in developing world countries consume in a day. Using the bathroom, brushing your teeth, showering, fixing breakfast and drinking a glass of water each morning are all things I do, and probably you do, regularly. Then, add in coffee, tea, washing dishes and other morning rituals, and that’s all before lunch! Did you know our water shortage in the world is at an alarmingly high level? Not only that, but our water supply is more toxic than ever before. Most of us are not only unaware of how much water we use, but also how it affects the shortages we face. In fact, scientists say in just decades, our water supply will become extremely low, possibly causing a worldwide water crisis. The Huffington Post reported in December 2013 of 7 cities that are already in a water crisis here in the U.S. To reduce your water shortage, take shorter showers, don’t brush your teeth with the water running nonstop and wash your dishes in the same sink of water most of the day if possible. Reuse any water that you can, and add a special flusher to your bathroom that can help reduce water. These are all small things that add up quickly, just in the first hour you wake up.

Toxic Water Supply
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