Wonderful 😁 Things to do with Dad πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘¦ on Father's Day ...

Want some things to do with Dad on Father's Day? We probably don’t appreciate our dads enough, nor spend as much time with them as they or we deserve. It may sound clichΓ© to make an effort on Father’s Day, but it’s also the perfect excuse you need to call up and say, β€œHey Dad, let’s do something fun together.” Ready to make some plans? Here are some ideas for things to do with Dad on Father's Day.

1. Take Him to the Game

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When thinking of things to do with dad on Father’s day, look for something unforgettable like an exciting game. Father’s Day falls in the middle of baseball season so get some tickets and enjoy a good game and all the fun that goes with it. Be sure to order a couple of hot dogs, bags of peanuts, and a beer or two - be the designated driver - and treat your dad to a great time. At some games you’ll be treated to fireworks as well!

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