17 "Humans of..." Blogs Sure to Restore Your Faith in Humanity ...


With 2016 still in its infancy stages, it's a great time to be inspired โ€“ and perhaps to inspire others, as well. In 2014, as in previous years, HONY โ€“ that's Humans of New York for the uninitiated โ€“ often inspired me. The blog has an incredible community that frequently garners praise from Brandon himself. Not only does the blog and its social media pages inspire acts of kindness, but it inspires other people all over the world to start their own โ€œHumans of...โ€ blogs, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts. Learning about everyday people in places you may never get to go is surprisingly deep and extremely special โ€“ kind of extraordinary when you think about it. So, why not start the new year by meeting a few of your Earthly neighbors?

1. Humans of Amsterdam


Humans of Amsterdam is probably my favorite โ€œHumans of...โ€ page next to HONY. I would love to visit the Netherlands someday, and do hope to see Amsterdam in particular. Frequent updates have to suffice for now, but they show such a richly diverse and stunning city, filled with fascinating people who โ€“ surprise, surprise! โ€“ aren't so different from the fine folks spotted on the sidewalks of New York (obscure movie reference!).

Humans of Tehran
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