3. Holiday Games

There are countless games to be found on Pinterest, and the Internet in general. These are just a couple of games that would be easy and fun for an indoor party and the kids will love them. First, we have “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” by Not Consumed. This game is super fun and all you need is a roll of toilet paper, two snowman eyes, and a nose, per snowman, made from construction paper and clear tape. Put your party attendees in groups of two or three, give them a time limit and let the good times roll! Toward the end, have the kids attach the eyes and nose to their “snowman” and then judge the winner. Easy indoor party fun!

Next, we have “My Little Balloon Tennis”, by mylittlesonbeam.blogspot.com. All you need is decorative holiday paper plates, paint sticks from any hardware store, strong tape or glue, to put paint sticks on the back of paper plates to make paddles and some blown up balloons. Once all of your supplies are ready, let the kids loose for a rousing game of indoor tennis. Adding some holiday music to the party will get those festive juices flowing and the kids will love it.

These are just a sampling of ideas on how to throw an amazing kids' party. You and your kiddos can have a holiday blast with these ideas and you won’t have to kill your pocketbook either. Hope your holiday season is safe, blessed and happy!

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