Easy Ideas on How to Throw an Amazing Kids Party for Parents at a Loss ...


Easy Ideas on How to Throw an Amazing Kids Party for Parents at a Loss ...
Easy Ideas on How to Throw an Amazing Kids Party for Parents at a Loss ...

Wondering how to throw an amazing kids' party? With the holidays at our front doorstep, the party season has crept up on all of us. This means that every time you turn around either you are going to be invited to a party or social event, or that you are the one hosting the activity. If the latter is you, there are many ways to host an amazing, kid-friendly event, without breaking the bank. Here are several answers for how to throw an amazing kids' party.

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You have to have some decorations, whether homemade or store bought. Since it is the holiday season, many of you will already have decorations out and about for all to see. No worries if you go minimal on the holiday ambiance. All you really need is a festive tablecloth, some fun paper plates in your favorite holiday theme i.e. Santa Claus, snowmen or snowflakes, colored plasticware, and napkins. Add some pretty faux holiday flowers like poinsettias or holly and presto, you are set for a party. You can add from there on how festive you want to go. I like to add flameless tea candles to jazz up my table setting and if you are crafty, some art projects with the kids can make pretty and fun decorations too. Paper chains made from craft or construction paper or strung cranberries and popcorn - these projects are cheap, easy, but just a bit time consuming, so plan accordingly. These are the sorts of projects the kids will love and give a rustic vibe to any holiday party. And projects are one of the best ways for how to throw an amazing kids' party.


The Food

The food is the centerpiece of any party, especially if young children are there. The list of holiday foods goes on and on, but I like to keep it simple and inviting for the little ones, so I always do finger foods - and plenty of them. A couple of my standards are a cheese platter with crackers and pepperoni or summer sausage and a veggie plate with dressing, usually ranch. When making my platters, I try to keep variety and color in mind. Your spread is part of your décor because a good looking party buffet is always what catches the eye first thing because most of us love food! I usually use 2-3 different kinds of cheese and several different cracker types, just to spice it up. When doing veggie platters I have a little bit of everything, from broccoli to snap peas and red peppers or carrots thrown in for color and crunch. You can buy a store made platter, but it will be way cheaper and you will have much more if you do it yourself. You can also do a fruit platter with dip. Same rules apply, color adds variety.

Remember that the crock pot is your friend and is an easy way to make dips, meatballs or little sausages. And no matter what, you have to have some treats!! Easy to make cookies, like decorated sugar cookies or chocolate chip, are always a hit and they look festive too. There are endless combinations of different dishes and goodies, just go with what you and your family love.


Holiday Games

There are countless games to be found on Pinterest, and the Internet in general. These are just a couple of games that would be easy and fun for an indoor party and the kids will love them. First, we have “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” by Not Consumed. This game is super fun and all you need is a roll of toilet paper, two snowman eyes, and a nose, per snowman, made from construction paper and clear tape. Put your party attendees in groups of two or three, give them a time limit and let the good times roll! Toward the end, have the kids attach the eyes and nose to their “snowman” and then judge the winner. Easy indoor party fun!

Next, we have “My Little Balloon Tennis”, by mylittlesonbeam.blogspot.com. All you need is decorative holiday paper plates, paint sticks from any hardware store, strong tape or glue, to put paint sticks on the back of paper plates to make paddles and some blown up balloons. Once all of your supplies are ready, let the kids loose for a rousing game of indoor tennis. Adding some holiday music to the party will get those festive juices flowing and the kids will love it.

These are just a sampling of ideas on how to throw an amazing kids' party. You and your kiddos can have a holiday blast with these ideas and you won’t have to kill your pocketbook either. Hope your holiday season is safe, blessed and happy!

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