How to Read a Person's Face to Know What They're Thinking ...


We give away our feelings, even when we're trying hard to hide them. Even though every single person on this planet is unique, we have a lot in common, specifically the way we behave when we're feeling uncomfortable, turned on, or embarrassed. That's why it's actually pretty easy to decipher what a person is thinking when you know the way the human body reacts to certain emotions. If you want to feel like Sherlock Holmes, here are a few tricks that'll help you read a person's face:

1. Pupils

If you notice a person's pupils looking to the left, then they're reminiscing or trying to remember something. If they're looking to the right, then they're thinking more creative thoughts. They could be trying to come up with a new idea for a painting or for their essay. However, if you're in the middle of a serious conversation with someone and have just asked them an important question, looking to the right indicates lying.

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