How to Make Your IPhone Feel Brand New ...

By Holly

How to Make Your IPhone Feel Brand New ...

Even though you'd like to get a new phone every year, it costs too much money to do. If you're sick and tired of your current phone, don't worry, because there are a few little things you can do to change that. According to Bustle, here's how to make your iPhone feel new:

1 Buy a New Case

You might not be able to afford a new phone, but you can scrounge together enough money for a new case. Then your phone will look brand new.

2 Make Some Space

It's time to clean out your phone. Delete all of those apps and photographs you're never going to look at again.

3 Polish It

If you buy a soft cloth and place some vinegar and water on it, you can clean your screen. It should get all that dirt right off.

4 Change Your Background

This seems like a small change, but it can really make your phone feel new.

5 Get the Screen Fixed
If your phone is cracked, you don't have to buy a new one. It might be cheaper to just get the screen fixed.

6 Get Some New Apps

Once you delete some apps, you can get some new ones. Once your phone is filled with new things, it'll feel brand new.

7 Upgrade Your Phone

You might actually be able to get a new phone. See if you're eligible for an upgrade!

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