Everyday De-Cluttering Hacks for Girls Who Tend to Hoard Things ๐Ÿ—‘ ...

Thereโ€™s nothing I hate more than clutter all over the place. Sadly, with three kids, a husband and two dogs, my house is pretty much always overflowing with stuff. Research shows that thereโ€™s a certain sense of satisfaction from clearing out the junk you donโ€™t need or want and living in a tidier environment. Decluttering your life isnโ€™t always easy, especially if youโ€™re sentimental or have a lot of stuff, but itโ€™s totally worth it to give it a try. Hereโ€™s how.

1. Tackle the Job Room by Room so Itโ€™s Not so Overwhelming

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This is my mission each year when the kids head back to school and I have more time to get stuff done. If you have kids, itโ€™s best to declutter when they arenโ€™t home or their new favorite toys will be the stuff youโ€™re getting rid of even though they havenโ€™t played with it in years. Work on one room at a time and the job of decluttering wonโ€™t be so huge. Organize as you go, then make piles for trash and donations.

2. Think about the Last Time You Used a Specific Item

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Each year when I declutter, I ask myself if Iโ€™ve used a certain item since last yearโ€™s decluttering. If not, it goes in the donation or garbage sack. Thereโ€™s no reason to hold on to things that you no longer use or need. They just take up space and stress you out by adding to the mess. Bite the bullet and get rid of those things. Chances are you wonโ€™t even notice theyโ€™re gone.

3. Put Your Hands on Each Item in Every Room of the House

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The only way to really clear out everything is to touch it all. Grab each item and assess whether you want to keep it, throw it away or donate it. If you skip over drawers or cabinets, youโ€™ll miss a bunch of stuff and youโ€™ll miss out on the opportunity to have a nice decluttered house.

4. Drop Things off at the Thrift Store Immediately

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When I declutter, I drive my donation box from each room straight to the nearest Salvation Army. If I stash it somewhere, things will start migrating back into my house or my kids will discover it and rescue things. Load it straight into the car and drop it off so you arenโ€™t tempted to drag things out again.

5. Work when Youโ€™re Alone

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As I touched on above, itโ€™s best to work on decluttering your life when you are by yourself. That way you can slash your belongings and clean things up without anyone interfering and getting in your way. Trust me, itโ€™s a lot faster to get this job done when no one is distracting you.

6. Donโ€™t Forget Your Work Space and Vehicles

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Now that youโ€™ve got your house decluttered, work your way to the cars and your office. Use the same system and get rid of things you donโ€™t want or need, throw away trash and clean everything up. Youโ€™ll feel instantly calmer and less stressed when your space is cleared out and clean.

7. Declutter Your Mental Life Too

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Now itโ€™s time to clear your mind too. Stop focusing on issues you canโ€™t control and start saying โ€œnoโ€ to things that you donโ€™t really want to do. By decluttering your lifestyle, you have more time to spend with friends and family and to foster your talents and hobbies for a full and well-rounded life. Talk to a therapist if you need help with this.

Are you ready to start decluttering your life? Whatโ€™s your first step?

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