Everyday De-Cluttering Hacks for Girls Who Tend to Hoard Things 🗑 ...


There’s nothing I hate more than clutter all over the place. Sadly, with three kids, a husband and two dogs, my house is pretty much always overflowing with stuff. Research shows that there’s a certain sense of satisfaction from clearing out the junk you don’t need or want and living in a tidier environment. Decluttering your life isn’t always easy, especially if you’re sentimental or have a lot of stuff, but it’s totally worth it to give it a try. Here’s how.

1. Tackle the Job Room by Room so It’s Not so Overwhelming

This is my mission each year when the kids head back to school and I have more time to get stuff done. If you have kids, it’s best to declutter when they aren’t home or their new favorite toys will be the stuff you’re getting rid of even though they haven’t played with it in years. Work on one room at a time and the job of decluttering won’t be so huge. Organize as you go, then make piles for trash and donations.

Think about the Last Time You Used a Specific Item
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