Girls' Guide 📗 to Learning a Language 💬 without Taking a Class 🏫 ...

Speaking multiple languages opens up so many doors in your life. Not only in job opportunities, but also in travel, making new friends, and even expanding your dating horizons! But not everyone has the time or resources to take a class to learn a new language from scratch nor simply refine their language skills. Here are some ways you can still improve your foreign language skills on your own!

1. Duolingo

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Duolingo is a budding polyglots best friend! They have several of the more widely-spoken languages to choose from, such as Italian, German, and Chinese. You really do learn a lot from this app if you stick to it! It's not too big of a commitment, and even gets kind of fun! Try getting your friends involved too so you can track each other's progress and improve together.

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