How do We 🤔 Define Success 🌟?

How do we define success?

iPhone, iPad, iCloud. I can't take it anymore...
Our whole lives we are introduced to branded items. Money is the new fashion statement. Ok no, it has always been.

I'm not saying we should all quit our jobs and mimic the lifestyle of the starving. No, I'm simply saying we should be more careful about how we identify the term success.

Put three women in one room. A blonde, a Brunette, and a red-head. Chances are 99.9% that they will compare themselves to one another and start thinking about some physical changes they need to make.

We are all human beings. So how do we define success?

Success can be anything from married with 4 children, to a bachelorette married to her job, drinking wine every night. Or it can be driving a car, or having enough money. What might seem to you as successful, might not always be the case.

The fact that we all tend to want more or strive to be better, makes it a bit hard to see how far you are away from success in your life or career.

I do believe that at some point in your life you will look back and be proud of what you have reached. But every successful businessman or woman, and every successful housewife, still have plans for the future.

I promised myself as a kid that one day I'd work until I'm successful, and then I'll retire and enjoy my riches. Things didn't turn out that way though.

I realized that the more I work, and the greater my salary grows, the more expensive I become. I traded a peanut butter sandwich for a hamburger. Because I can afford it. I traded my inexpensive 1 bedroom flat for an expensive 3 bedroom house. Because I could afford it. At the time when I was living in the flat, I admired people living in a house. Now, living in a house, I admire people living in mansions or on farms...

So, I hope to have persuaded you that success is an ongoing thing, a state of mind and doesn't exist. But, if it keeps the youth striving for better, let's change the term to hope.

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