7 High Paying Jobs That do Not Need a College Degree ...


High Paying Jobs are something most of us probably only dream about. We’re not all the type of person that wants to go off to college for a few years just for the sake of a degree – coming out in debt of thousands of dollars is not an appealing thought. Some of us might feel that women are not fairly treated in the business world so why is it worth making the effort others might think it’s an impossibility without a whole slew of qualifications but this list of 7 high paying jobs that do not need a college degree might very well surprise you. Keep reading, and see if any of these high paying jobs appeal to you.

1. Chief Executive: $160,000

Top of the list is Chief Executive of a large company, where salaries can exceed $160k per year. Becoming a Chief Executive of a large organization isn’t easy with or without a college degree, but do not let your lack of degree put you at a disadvantage – both Bill Gates and Michael Dell, two of the richest men in the world, dropped out of college to pursue business.

Air Traffic Controller: $140,000
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