Here's How a True Lady Can Remain Classy While Drunk ...


You might well say that there’s no such thing as a classy drunk. I agree in principle, but there are times when you just might need to cut loose and drink a lot. You can do it without it getting “ugly” and without you ending up with your head down the pan. Here are a few pointers to keeping your dignity while under the influence of alcohol.

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Moderate Your F&#%$£g Language

Drinking relaxes your inhibitions, which makes you prone to do things you have always wanted to do. For some people it is kissing that ugly guy that they secretly fancy, and for some people it is using foul language that they are too afraid to use in public when sober.


Just Stop Drinking when You Start Feeling off, Dizzy, Sick or Spinny

The best way to remain classy while drunk is to not let yourself get too drunk. It means knowing your limits and stopping just after them. Younger women are often too arrogant or over-confident and will drink too far past their limit.


Wear Darker Colors

Classy ladies do not have drink all over their clothes. If you are drunk, you may spill or may splash yourself with an over-eager faucet in the ladies. Wear darker clothes if you are planning on getting drunk so that stains, spills and wetness doesn’t show.


Laugh a Little More and Speak a Little Less

Ladies that drink shouldn’t talk too much when they become drunk. Words are not your friend when you are drunk, but laughing is. Keep your spirits high and find the funny side of things and it will help you handle the alcohol in your system a lot better. It could be the release of endorphins that laughing causes, or maybe it is that you do not notice the sickness when laughing.


Do Not Try to Run or do Tasks Quickly

Your brain function has been reduced. The alcohol is in your brain and making it harder for your brain synapses to communicate with each other. This means you are unquestionably suffering from an inefficient brain. You do not have the mental capacity at this moment to run or do tasks quickly. Give them a try and you may succeed for a minute or two, but you are dancing with danger.


Drink Milk and Eat before You Start Drinking

Drinking fluids prior to drinking alcohol is going to help your body remove the alcohol a little faster, and eating food will stop your body absorbing the alcohol as quickly. Milk seems to help lower your chances of feeling sick later in the night by helping to neutralize the juices in your gut.


Find a Toilet as Soon as the Urge Comes and do Not Leave It a While

When you are drunk, you may feel the urge to pee and ignore it. Lots of women do it because the amount you need to urinate increases as you drink. The trouble is that it makes you more likely to have a small (or large) accident if you leave it until later. It may be inconvenient having to go to the rest rooms often, but if you do not, then an accident may only be a sneeze away. When you do go, make sure you allow yourself enough time to get it all out. You may want to hurry up because you are missing all the fun, but give yourself enough time for a proper empty and you will not need it as quickly next time.

I know it’s hard to think of drinking and dignity as bedfellows but unless you push it to the point where alcohol completely takes over all your functions and thoughts, you can still retain a little class. What’s the worst thing you’ve done under the influence of alcohol?

Remember ladies =- it's always best to drink responsibly!

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I use to go out and drink with my girlfriends when I was younger. Now that I am in my early 40s I just don't have the taste for it. I do hate seeing people sloppy drunk and acting crazy , I don't think it is lady like. But I was once young and had fun....just be safe because too drunk can be scary in the world today. You never know who's around the corner to take advantage of you. Have fun, be safe.

Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Oh I love to get "tipsy"

If I want to get hammered and swear constantly, that does not make it any less "lady like". These articles need to take themselves out of 1950 and realize what world we're in.

@Misty, it tastes good I've got use to the taste now. Have a wonderful time in Savannah :)

Lol perfect tips for my 21st coming up! 👍👌

It 100% makes it less lady like.

Eh, why is being "classy" and "lady-like" (ugh) so important anyway? Jeez I kind of hate those words. Why can't the advice just be a general "don't be a disrespectful jerk" without tying it to gender things?

@Misty, totally agree with you

@sharon yeah, I now meet for coffee rather than drinks and I'm so content with that lol.

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