4. Planning, Writing, Editing

The formulation of your research paper is in many ways the easiest, and yet in many ways the most difficult, aspect of your research project. One of the best educational tips here is to spend a few days planning, and then to simply get on with it and write. Some students like to have a meticulous plan, while others like not to plan at all – my approach was somewhere in the middle.

Whatever your approach the most important part is getting the words out of your head. Just sit down and write that first draft! Once you have the first draft, then you can worry about the content, language and structure in the revising and editing stage.

While the education tips above are true, no amount of writing can disguise a lack of research and a lack of original content. If you edit your work and find that it still is not up to scratch, there is an underlying problem with the quality of your research. But if you have set aside plenty of time to write it, you can address this problem.