7 Healthy Guilty Pleasures That Will Shock You ...


Guilty Pleasures I’m about to discuss here are shockingly healthy and incredibly tempting… so healthy in fact that I’d even suggest striking guilty part and just calling them pleasures. However, since we all know that a guiltily pleasure can soon become a need, it’s better to enjoy it in small doses. And these 7 little vices right here are actually quite beneficial when enjoyed now and then:

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Also known as "bread in a bottle," a beer certainly is one of those guilty pleasures you can allow yourself to enjoy here and there even if you’re madly in love with your rock hard abs! Believe it or not, beer is actually a very rich source of some really precious nutrients such as vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, biotin and selenium and, as such, can lower the risk of many diseases such as: heart diseases, strokes and various mental illnesses.


Adult Movies

Ah, you gotta love those little vices that make life interesting! Now, as embarrassing as it might seem – I’m sure you’ve all seen or at least have been tempted to watch an adult movie. And guess what? That’s actually a good thing! Various researches have proved that people who don’t feel embarrassed to watch an adult movie or two actually have better sex-life! And since we all know this sensual horizontal gymnastics acts as a huge stress-relief and a youth-potion, the conclusion is kind of obvious - isn’t it?



Caffeine is yet another guilty pleasure we all promise ourselves to give up "one of these days." What we are not told is that there are times when a little dose of caffeine can do our bodies good! Did you know that caffeine actually relaxes muscles and acts as a mild sedative thus helping you deal with your migraines, menstrual cramps or even asthma problems? Pretty neat- huh? Yay guilty pleasures!



Being obsessed with cleanliness, denying you child a pet or a good old fashioned roll in the mud will prevent its body from building up immunity to common parasites and microorganisms which may, and very often does cause the child to become sickly and prone to various allergies and even respiratory issues! Now, I certainly don’t suggest raising a modern Huckleberry Finn but hey… mud cakes are just too fun to miss out on!



According to some new researches, living a stress-free life is almost as bad as living a live filled with stress, stress and nothing but stress! Now, I know it sounds totally crazy, but it actually turns out that mild stress is a guilty pleasure we are allowed to indulge in now and then. When experienced in small doses, this feeling can actually shake up and wake up our immune systems, helping us stay healthy!



One of my top five guilty pleasures for reasons too well-known to explain – I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that chocolate is and will be out most-loved little vice even if our countries decide to make it illegal! LOL! Luckily, there is no reason for such drastic measures – chocolate is proved to be quite beneficial if taken in small but regular doses! It lowers the levels of bad cholesterol, it stimulates the brain, it helps our blood pump faster and healthier which lowers the risk of heart attacks, plus it does such a great job in making us happy! Go chocolate!


Ice Cream

Ah, yes… don’t you just love good news! Well, it’s time to take ice cream off your list of wickedly sweet, unbelievably tempting guilty pleasures and simply call it a pleasure only! Why? Because that’s the healthiest sweet you can choose! Ice cream will make you feel full longer, it has less calories than a cheese cake and, unlike jello, actually contains something your body could use!

So, next time you want to enjoy some of your favorite guilty pleasures do it with complete and utter peace of mind! I’m actually going to reach for mine right now – mmmm…. Chocolate! How about you? Which guilty pleasure are you planning to indulge in soon?

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