Happy Hallo-meme: 21 Preposterous Pop-Culture Costumes ...

Holidays are always influenced by pop culture, but none so much as Halloween. Every year, the most popular costumes among kids and adults alike mimic some movie, TV show, or outrageous character who seems too crazy to be real (I'm looking at you, Donald Trump). As pop culture becomes an even bigger monster, costumes sparked by internet phenomena are even more commonplace. And so, with ample time to change your costume if you're so inspired, I would like to be the first to wish you a Happy Hallo-meme. See what I did there?! No, but seriously, these costumes are perfectly preposterous, you'll dig 'em.

1. Wear the Dress to Impress

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Oh yeah. β€œThe dress that broke the internet” is back. It has about five minutes left of its 15 minutes of fame – just enough to reemerge as a Halloween costume and then disappear into obscurity!

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