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Would you like to learn more about your personality? Most of us want to understand ourselves better. It helps to know who we are and what our strengths and weaknesses are. These are 7 things you can do to learn more about your personality.

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Take a Personality Test

You can take a personality test. There are so many different kinds of personality tests that you can take that can help you learn more about your personality. You can learn if you are an introvert or an extrovert. You can learn if you are a procrastinator or a go-getter. All you have to do is simply Google “Personality Test” and you will get tons of hits. One of my favorite personality tests is the DISC.


Read up on Your Horoscope Sign

I do not make it a habit to follow a daily horoscope. But I will say that I have truly found that a lot of personality traits ring very true with what a person’s sign is. In most cases, they are very accurate. Read up a bit on your sign and the common personality traits that go along with it. You will probably find that there is a lot of accuracy there.


Ask Your Five Closest Friends and Family Members to Describe You

If you are feeling brave, you can ask your five closest friends and family members to describe you. Let them tell you what they see in you. They may see things in you that you don’t see at all and that is okay. They have a different view of you, of course. This can be very helpful.


Listen to Your Job Evaluations

There is a lot that you can gain from listening closely at your job evaluations. Granted, your job evaluations only examine you from the perspective of your career but they can still contain valuable insight. That insight is not biased and will be very honest. It isn’t coming from someone who has a relationship with you that will cause them to be overly cautious about your feelings. But sometimes it can offer a valuable look at yourself, at least from one perspective.


Ask Your Significant Other Some Questions

Your significant other knows you in a way that few others do. They know your best strengths and your weaknesses. They see you at your absolute best and worst. Ask them to share that information with you about what personality traits they see in you. It can be very enlightening. Just be sure not to be defensive with them since you are asking for the information.


Observe Yourself in Different Situations

You know, you can also observe yourself in different situations. Instead of only reacting, notice your reactions. You will begin to notice a trend in your personality after a while. You will notice if you tend to react with kindness, patience, aggravation, frustration and many other personality attributes. This will help you to learn about yourself more.


Be Honest with Yourself

You know, a lot can be gleaned from being honest with yourself. Most of us know some things about our personalities. We may not have the clearest and most unbiased view but we know ourselves in ways others do not. If you can be honest with yourself, you will be able to see both your personality flaws and all of the wonderful things about yourself. Then you can begin to work on anything that you don’t like about your personality.

It is always interesting to learn about your personality and these are several ways that you can do that. What do you love about your personality? What would you like to change about it?

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what if u have a multiple personality problem? how can this help me?

I wouldn't ask my hubby cause he's not that good at expressing himself and tents to just hurt people.

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