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There are ways to connect with nature, even if you live right in the middle of a busy city just like I do. Urban wildlife has learnt to adapt to live with a changing environment – it´s a pretty good survival tactic! Foxes, for example, are often seen in the centre of London. Living in the city doesn´t mean that you can´t enjoy the natural world – here are some ways to connect with nature.

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Night Watch

Some of the more shy urban residents only come out at night. Recently I watched a group of bats flying around right by a busy street. Take a walk at night, and who knows what you might see? Look up, look around, and keep your eyes open for any nocturnal wildlife.


Bird Feeder

One of the best ways to connect with nature if you don´t live in the countryside is to encourage it to come to you. If you live in an apartment this might seem unlikely. It´s not impossible, though. Put a bird feeder on your balcony (there are even feeders that attach to windows), or fill tubs with flowers that will appeal to butterflies.



There are plenty of examples of urban wildlife to be found in the cities´ parks, especially if they have ponds or streams. I´ve spotted foxes, birds of many varieties, lizards, turtles and much more. And I´m no expert! Just take a walk in the park, watch carefully, and see what´s out there.


Look up

A lot of urban wildlife is to be found right above your head (well, hopefully not at an unfortunate moment). Many bird species have adapted well to living in cities, and make use of buildings for their own housing! Every evening I enjoy watching swallows swooping over my terrace.



While many animals cope fine with urban living, others need our help. Many cities have abandoned animals that need rescuing. You could volunteer to look after cat colonies, trap stray dogs or foster an animal. These are truly worthwhile ways of connecting with the natural world.


Wildlife Walk

If you really don´t know how to spot urban wildlife, then one of the easiest ways to connect with nature is to go on a wildlife walk. Try the city parks department for information – they often offer walks with a guide to show you what to look for.


Mini Garden

Nature also includes plants and flowers, don´t forget! With even the tiniest amount of outside space you could have a mini garden. A balcony or terrace looks wonderful filled with flowers, and you can also grow vegetables in pots. Even flowers on windowsills will add colour and bring a bit of nature´s beauty to your home.


Growing Spaces

Some cities and communities have programs designed to increase the amount of green spaces. These excellent programs give participants the opportunity to grow organic fruit and vegetables that they can then enjoy eating. They can also enjoy the physical work and getting their hands dirty.

Even city residents can find plenty of ways to connect with nature. It´s surprising what´s out there if you just keep your eyes open, and it´s pleasant to be able to enjoy a part of the natural world while living in a city. What is the most unusual example of urban wildlife you´ve ever seen?

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Great Ideas - just because we're surrounded by concrete and brick doesn't mean nature isn't out there!

I have to admit, I lol'd at #4. I'm a country gal and think these are great ways to connect with nature while I'm out on trips to the city. (:

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