9 Great Ways to Branch out in College ...

Incoming college freshmen, are you ready to embark on the adventure of college?! Leaving home and starting out on your own can certainly be intimidating, but you can’t let it hold you back. Branching out and experiencing new things is so important when starting school... and here are 9 ways to do it!

1. Open Your Door

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Here I go being all cheesy but, open doors equal happy floors! As lame as it sounds, it is so true. Shutting out the world will leave you isolated, simply open up the dorm door and you will be opening up to others. Who knows who could walk by, maybe even a cute guy?

2. Hit the Gym

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This is really a twofer; you work on your fitness a little, and meet some people at the same time! The gym is a great place to meet new people, something about the college atmosphere makes people want to work out. There are always people there and I’m sure some of them need a gym buddy for motivation!

3. Orientation

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It may not sound like a whole lot of fun, but orientation is where a lot of people meet their college friends. Personally I met one of my best friends during orientation, the key is to open up a little. Everyone is just as nervous as you are and probably wanting some company.

4. School Sponsored Events

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Colleges are always buzzing with events; from sports to performances there is a wide range to pick from. Go to as many as you can, it’s something to get you out for a bit, and maybe you’ll get to meet someone new!

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Three words… Clubs are awesome! Getting involved is one of the great things colleges offer. There is such a wide variety of people, so that means there is a wide variety of clubs to choose from. Not to mention, most schools will let you start your own club if you can’t find the one you’re looking for. Doing that will most certainly be a bonus on a resume!

6. Greek Life

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The Greek system gets a very bad reputation from the extreme stories in the news. In reality, it’s harmless. Rushing a sorority is one of the best things I did at college, it helps to give you a family type atmosphere. You can achieve a true home away from home feel!

7. Classes

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Your first year will usually be filled with the gen ed classes that everyone is required to take. That makes for perfect opportunity in meeting new people. There is a mix of everyone since it’s just the general stuff, once you get deeper into your major you’ll probably end up with the same people. Try and sit next to someone new each class, maybe you’ll find a study buddy!

8. Residence Halls

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The dorms are a fantastic place to meet people. I have to do some advertising as a future resident assistant, but go to the programs for your hallway. They are so much fun and you really get to know the people you’re living with! Also, sitting in the common areas of the building is a great idea, most of the time they’re packed with people!

9. The Library

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Sadly, my own school’s library is under construction, but that is generally an area that many students flock to for studies. Head there for a study session with a study buddy. It’s an awesome way to keep up the grades and make some friends.

Starting a new chapter is scary, but if you open up a little and try something new, I promise it will be worthwhile. If you have any tips on branching out leave a comment!

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