10 Great Reasons to Own a Cat ...

There are so many great reasons to own a cat! They are one of the most popular pets to care for. There are all types of cats to suit your furry friend tastes, climate or living situation. Cats are also one of the easiest and most accessible pets. Read on for some fun (maybe funny!) and great reasons to own a cat!

1. They're Fuzzy

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One of the first great reasons to own a cat is their fur! Cat coats are so fuzzy and soft, you canโ€™t help but want to snuggle up to your little furry friend at least nightly. When youโ€™re down, when nothing else feels right in the world and when you canโ€™t think of one good thing out there - just look at that cat. Fuzz = Goodness. Remember the teddy bear you loved as a kid? Fuzz, written all over โ€˜em!

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