7 Great Reasons to Learn to Dance ...

If you’re looking for some reasons to learn to dance, the last thing to be concerned about is not being able to do it well. It doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t care. There are so many styles of dance there is bound to be one that suits you, but above all, dancing is a great activity – it’s healthy, social and fun. And if you look like a drunk uncle at a wedding, who cares – smile and enjoy it to its fullest. Of course, this attitude is not so hot if your reasons to learn to dance are to be somewhat skilled in a particular style. If this is the case, then book lessons with a qualified and experienced teacher and soon you’ll be tripping the light fantastic. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to learn to dance.

1. Keeping Fit

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Health experts recommend that everyone undertakes thirty minutes of exercise three times a week in order to stay healthy. That can sound like a tall order if you are imagining yourself sweating on a treadmill, but dancing is a fun way to exercise and makes that thirty minutes fly by. One of the best reasons to learn to dance is because dancing also has the benefit of coming in different intensities to suit all levels of activity. From gentle waltzing to steamy tango, there is a pace to suit everyone. It is a great way to get the heart rate up and muscles strengthened.

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