7 Great Charities to Donate to and Give Back to Society ...

Everyone wants to change the world, and one of the easiest ways to make it better is to find great charities to donate to and give back to society. If you have the Internet and power, you are in a more stable place than billions of other people on Earth. Time and money are two of the greatest ways to help the world and those who live in it. Whether it is five dollars, five thousand, or a free afternoon, it will help to make a positive difference in our world. Here are a few of my favorite great charities to donate to and give back to society with some extra time or extra income.

1. World Vision

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World Vision is a great charity that has grown from small beginnings to one of the largest charities in the US. If you are interested in helping children throughout the world, this is one of the best charities to donate to and give back to society through. World Vision donates everything from goats and chickens, to medical services, to children in developing countries. One of the reasons that I love this organization so much is because their goal is to help every child live the best life possible and reach their full potential. How could we not get behind something as simple but powerful as that?

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