7 Great Board Games for College Students ...

There are great board games for college students that I suggest keeping in your dorm. Games are a wonderful way to bring people together and have a good time. In fact, the more people you shove into your small room to play, the better. It adds the element of excitement. Check out these board games for college students so that you can have them on hand!

1. Curses

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One of the best board games for college students to play is Curses. Each player has a task card they need to complete, such as explaining why cats are better than dogs or deciding who has the nicest earlobe in the group. The catch is that at the end of each turn, they get to give a “curse” card to another player. That player then needs to perform that curse at all times. The curses can start stacking up, so you may need to speak in an Irish brogue through an intercom, while swatting the invisible mosquito by your ear.

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