7 Gorgeous Kitchen Designs You'll Love ...

When was the last time you chose new kitchen designs? It might sound crazy, but there is something really invigorating about redesigning your kitchen, and making it a new space. Whether it’s new accessories, new cookware or a whole new design, it’s a great way to give your home a boost, and there are some amazing kitchen designs around at the moment. Give it a try, and see what a difference it makes!

1. Chalkboards…

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I’m not quite sure what it is about this room, but I love it. It’s one of those kitchen designs that would go well in any size space, and I love how homely yet quirky it is! The chalkboard wall is different and unique, and I love the inspirational quote down the left hand side. The contrasting white walls and traditional monochrome flooring pull the main colors together, and I love the bright red accents and beautiful gold flowers…Get the look by mixing a traditional design with modern chairs, and adding some bold colored accents to lift any room.

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