7 Google Tricks That Will Change the Way You Use It ...


If you think that Google is just a simple old search engine, try out these Google tricks and think again! These tips are really helpful if you’re studying or writing a paper, and I guarantee you’ll find yourself using them. Not many people know just how to use their search engines to their advantage, but if you use these few simple Google tricks, it will really transform the way you use it and make your life a lot easier!

1. Quote It

If you are searching for something very specific, for example, if you need to know where a quote or song lyrics come from, then using double quotation marks in the search bar is very helpful. Just put them around your search (such as “I think therefore I am”) and Google will find you everything containing that exact string of words. This is one of the most helpful Google tricks for if you need to find a certain something.

Tilde Magic
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