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Goodbye Ladies My Last Article and Last Piece of Advice ...

By Holly

(This won't be my last article published so you should still see a little bit from me over the next few weeks, but it is the very last article I'm writing.)

That's why I wanted to thank all of you beautiful ladies for reading my articles over the years! I used to read All Women Stalk religiously back in high school and then started writing here when I entered college.

This site taught me what I want to do with my life. It gave me opportunities that I never knew would be waiting for me. It showed me that with enough hard work, I could make a career out of my favorite thing in the world.

Everyone criticized me when I majored in English, because I don't want to be an English teacher and that's all anyone thinks you can do with an English degree. Even my guidance counselor in high school told me I was too smart to waste my brain on writing. But I did what I wanted to do and now I'm doing what I love to do. So even if you don't know exactly what job you want to get yet, major in a subject you love!

Remember, if you make a career out of something you're passionate about, then you'll never have to work a day in your life. So don't take the easy road, just to make fast money. Take the hard road that'll result in a life you'll actually enjoy living.

You can find me on Twitter if you'd like to keep up with my work in the future.

I'm also on Instagram if you want to see my face now and again.

I'd never be where I am today without this site or without your support. I love you ladies! Remember how beautiful you all are.

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