8 Good Reasons Why Books Are Better than Kindles ...

Books are better than Kindles. That opinion might shock technophiles, who love having a small library at their fingertips, but although Kindles are space-saving, I prefer books. There are a number of reasons why I consider that books are better than Kindles and always will …

1. Artwork

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Part of the pleasure of books is the artwork, both on the cover and any illustrations among the text. Kindles just wonΒ΄t have the same effect. Then there are art books, for example – how could this type of book ever work on a Kindle?

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Many people love to give or receive books as gifts. In this case, books are better than Kindles – sending a download just wouldnΒ΄t have the same effect. Sure, it saves paper, but a download could never replace an actual book as a gift (nor is it easy to browse to find something that the recipient might like).

3. Page Turner

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Another reason I prefer books is that thereΒ΄s definitely a real pleasure in curling up with a book and turning the pages – how could scrolling through pages on a screen have the same effect? While I can see that a Kindle would be useful on a long trip, IΒ΄d still rather pack some paperbacks.

4. Second Home

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Once youΒ΄ve read a book, you can pass it on to someone else for them to enjoy. Charities especially can benefit from selling donated books, raising valuable funds for their work. Or you can give it to a friend. Downloads, on the other hand, canΒ΄t be resold.

5. Eye Strain

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Spending much of my working day on the computer means that I donΒ΄t want to spend all my leisure time on it as well. And what is a Kindle but a mini computer screen? Perhaps itΒ΄s designed not to tire your eyes, but IΒ΄d rather not risk eye strain.

6. Old Friends

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Do you have any old books from your childhood, or that remind you of someone (perhaps the donor)? In this way, books are better than Kindles because of the happy memories that they can evoke. ThereΒ΄s so much pleasure to be gained from seeing an old favourite sitting on your bookshelves.

7. Decorative

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While IΒ΄m not a fan of the kind of coffee table book that is designed to make the owner look like someone with taste, books do have a decorative purpose. A shelf full of pristine paperbacks or handsome hardbacks is pleasant to see – homes without books always seem empty to me.

8. New is Not Always Better

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In todayΒ΄s fast-moving world of technology, people are always on the search for something newer and better. Well, the printed book has been around for over 500 years, and I donΒ΄t think it can be bettered by a bunch of pixels. Give me a proper book any day.

There are so many reasons why – for me, and IΒ΄m sure for many others as well – books are better than Kindles. I really donΒ΄t think that the technological upstart is about to see off its printed cousin. Do you agree, or are you in love with your Kindle?

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