7 Globe Inspired Home Decor to Make Your House More Worldly ...

When looking for classic pieces for decorating, globe inspired home decor can be an eye-catching theme to explore. While globes certainly have a place in the classroom or home office, there’s a lot of space in the home that could use a worldly touch. And why not let our home planet spruce up our home too? Earth is a splendid place, so let’s show some appreciation with a bit of globe inspired home decor.

1. Give It a World Mirror Set

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Three perspectives of our fine planet make this world mirror trio one of my favorite pieces of globe inspired home decor. Group them together in your living room and admire the reflection with a more worldly glimpse. The light weight and mere 11” diameter make this decor easily hung and happily displayed in your home. For your own world mirror set, visit ModCloth.com.

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