GivePresence This Video Has Inspired Me to Begin to Live in the Here and Now ...

By Vanessa

GivePresence This Video Has Inspired Me to Begin to Live in the Here and Now ...

After watching Lululemon's new video, it has definitely encouraged me to give my presence, not presents, to my loved ones this holiday season. Too often, I am focused on the wrong things - like which materialistic objects a friend would like - rather than working on making our time together meaningful. I've missed so many real-life moments while trying to capture it all in photos... Why wasn't I more connected? Memories are meant to live in the mind, not an Instagram post. "There's an energy about someone.. they kind of draw you in when they're present," a woman says in the video. Another one adds, "being present feels balanced." The video has made me realize that it's important to take a deep breath and live in the here and now, especially in our disconnected and multi-tasking culture. After watching the whole thing, it's made me question, "Do I want to live or not? Do I want to experience joy, divinity, and connection?" Watch the video right here:

The video features:
Danielle Laporte, author, motivational speaker
Gabrielle Bernstein, author, spiritual activist
Amy Dannheim, yoga instructor
Davidji, author, meditation instructor
Goldie Graham, yoga instructor
Keith Mitchell, yoga & meditation instructor
Insiya Rasiwala–Finn, Blissologist, yoga instructor
Eoin Finn, Blissologist, yoga instructor
Kevin Pearce, Love Your Brain founder

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