2. Hire Help

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Between doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, taxiing the kids around, cleaning the house, and many, many more tasks, we can get extremely bogged down with day to day activities. Not to mention that we do all of those things with a smile on our faces AND still manage to look fabulous for the hubs too! I like to think that I am a Supermom most days but a paid for sidekick could definitely kick my superness up a few notches.

So hire someone to come in and clean, or pay for a month of laundry services. I recently discovered that same day grocery delivery is available in some areas. Now that is a gift that I can appreciate because I loathe grocery shopping! While we’re at it how about a hired chef for a week of dinners? ! Whatever your stay at home mom's most daunting task is, hire someone to do them for her so that she can focus on some other tasks and catch up on things or just have more time to spend with the family.

Mini Shopping Spree
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