2. Wax Hand

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To make your wax hand, break candles into a bowl and be sure not to damage the wicks. You’ll need them for later. Be sure you have at least six candles and five wicks.

In the video, you are instructed to add broken, red wax crayons, but you can add any color crayons you want. Next, take a plastic glove and make little cuts on the tips. Afterwards, you’ll pass the wick through, making sure the wick is sticking out of the ends. Then you’ll tape the holes and tie the wicks at the bottom of the glove together.

Put the glove in a tall vase or glass, upside, and tape the end to secure it. Next, tape the ends of the wick to a wooden stick. Afterwards, melt the wax and the crayons in the microwave, and pour into the glove. Once cooled, remove the glove. Then the video suggests using a knife to add details, but that’s your choice if you want the hand to be that realistic.

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