26 Fun Vintage Toys You Might Have Played with ...

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26 Fun Vintage Toys You Might Have Played with ...

Did you ever imagine a day when your favorite playthings would become vintage toys? My mom saved some of my favorites that my kids now play with. I bet these photos are going to bring back some great memories of your playtime as a kid. Check out these wonderful vintage toys and let me know what they make you remember.

1 Doctor's Kit

Doctor's Kit Via Here's What 23 Of Your ...
Playing doctor is a right of passage and this kit is one of the vintage toys you might remember. I had a variation of this one.

2 Fashion Plates

Fashion Plates Via Weebles, Sea Wees, Spirograph & ...
These were one of my absolute favorite things to play with when I was younger. So much fun!

3 Toy Clackers

Toy Clackers Via Vintage 1970's toy Clackers Klik ...
I never had a pair of these, but I can sure remember playing with them at friends' houses. Did you have some?

Updated on 6/7/2023

Toy Clackers, also known as Klik-Klaks, were popular in the 1970s and are still a favorite among many vintage toy collectors today. The toy consists of two plastic balls connected by a string. When the balls are swung back and forth, they make a loud "clacking" sound.

The toy was invented in 1969 by a toy company called Wham-O. The company was also responsible for other popular toys such as the Hula Hoop, Frisbee, and Superball. Toy Clackers were so popular that the company sold over 10 million of them in the first year.

The toy was eventually banned in many places due to safety concerns. It was reported that some of the plastic balls shattered, causing pieces to fly off and injure children. The company eventually created a new version of the toy made from a safer material, but it was never as popular as the original.

Today, Toy Clackers remain a popular item among collectors and those who remember playing with them when they were young. The vintage toy is a reminder of simpler times, and it still brings joy to those who are lucky enough to have a pair.

4 View Master

View Master Via Weebles, Sea Wees, Spirograph & ...
What kid didn't spend hours clicking through these? Probably all the kids of 1980s did.

5 Hi Ho Cherry-O

Hi Ho Cherry-O Via Vintage Hi Ho Cherry O ...
This is a fun game! Too bad it isn't so easy to find anymore.

6 The Hugga Bunch

The Hugga Bunch Via 10 Totally Forgotten '80s Girl ...
They seem a little creepy now, but these were so fun to play with when back in the day.

7 Sit’ N Spin

Sit’ N Spin Via 32 Essential Toys Every '80s ...
If you ever discovered how fast you could spin on one of these, you knew how fun your childhood could be.

8 The Barbie Dream House

The Barbie Dream House Via Here's What 23 Of Your ...
Oh how I wanted one of these when I was a kid. I never got one, but my niece has one that is just as awesome.

9 Slinky

Slinky Via Vintage Slinky Toy 1960's James ...
Have you ever gotten so mad at how these get so tangled up? They were still fun to play with though.

10 Coin Purse

Coin Purse Via 1970s Rubber Squeeze Change Purse ...
It was almost as fun to open and close these as it was to keep money in them.

11 Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls Via 53 Things Only '80s Girls ...
What a collection! It was always fun to play with these classic dolls. Did you have any of them?

12 Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine Via 25 Awesome ’80s Toys You ...
Practically all my friends had one of these. My son has a similar, more modern version that is just as much fun.

13 Speak and Spell

Speak and Spell Via Set of Three Vintage Speak ...
The laptop of an earlier generation. Did you have one of these? What color was yours?

14 Waterful Ring Toss

Waterful Ring Toss Via Amazon.com: Water Game - Triangles ...
I had one of these but it was at my Grandma's house. I always played with it when I was there.

15 My Little Pony

My Little Pony Via The 10 Absolute Best Girl ...
Were these your favorite toy too? I loved them so much!

16 Little People

Little People Via Vintage Fisher Price House Blue ...
My kids have loads of Little People, but they sure don't look like these retro versions.

17 Jem and the Holograms

Jem and the Holograms Via 25 Awesome ’80s Toys You ...
Some people might think Jem was a Barbie knockoff. That may be true, but these punk rock dolls were super fun.

18 80's McDonalds Toys

80's McDonalds Toys Via The 25 Greatest Happy Meal ...
These were the collectibles from my era.

19 Tinker Toys

Tinker Toys Via Tinker Toys Vintage 70's Big ...
I had so much fun with my set of TinkerToys. Did you have some?

20 Etch a Sketch

Etch a Sketch What kid didn't have an Etch a Sketch?

21 Vintage Video Games

Vintage Video Games Via Vintage Toy Advertisements of the ...
Oh yes, I had one of these did! Did you? They were so much fun, but they pale in comparison to today's video games.

22 Simon

Simon Via The WALL OF SHAME!
How many times you quit in frustration? It always started out so easy and it got so hard, there was no way to win.

23 Cassette Tape Player

Cassette Tape Player Via Vintage 1980's Fisher Price Cassette ...
Oh, the hours I spent rewinding my favorite cassette tape with one of these.

24 Cash Register

Cash Register Via 1975 Vintage Fisher Price Cash ...
Sort of a toy for babies and toddlers, but I remember one of these hanging out at my house.

25 Barrel of Monkeys

Barrel of Monkeys Via 1965 Barrel Of Monkeys Vintage ...
Have you ever tried to make a really long chain of these little guys?

26 Gloworm

Gloworm Via 25 Awesome ’80s Toys You ...
If you've never seen one of these, their little butts glowed when you squeezed them.

How many of these vintage toys did you have as a kid? Do you still have any of them? What do you think they're worth?

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