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7 Fun IPod Docks ...

By Sophia

Kitschy novelty items are a fun way to brighten up a room. Technology design these days seems to be all about being thinner, slicker, and shinier. Just take iPod dock speakers, for example. But what if you want something a bit quirky? Something a bit left of centre? Below are just a few fun iPod docks to check out.

Table of contents:

  1. Ihome ih15w led colour changing stereo speaker system for ipod
  2. Crosley iduke premier
  3. Speakal ipanda 2.1 stereo docking station
  4. Ihome ihl24 organizer speaker lamp
  5. Mustek 7” digital photo frame with integrated apple ipod docking station
  6. Speakal ipig 2.1 stero docking station
  7. Spectra hello kitty animated mini speaker with aux-in jack

1 IHome IH15W LED Colour Changing Stereo Speaker System for IPod

Price: $49.99 at
It may look like a simple square cube, but this iPod dock is somewhat of a chameleon. This speaker system changes between four colours, so you can switch up colours to match your mood and music. This would work well at parties as a small, impromptu light show.

2 Crosley IDuke Premier

Price: $149.00 at
It looks like a retro dukebox, but it has all the fittings of a modern entertainment centre. There is a dock for your iPod, a CD player, MP3 charger, and built in speakers. It also comes with a remote control. This small jukebox is compact enough to fit on a table top. As far as fun iPod docks go, this one will definitely have you rockin’ around the clock.

3 Speakal IPanda 2.1 Stereo Docking Station

Price: $100.97 at
This panda inspired speaker is cute as a button. This speaker system supports most iPhone and iPod models. I features five built-in speakers, has a touch control function, and also comes with a remote control. This would make a great addition to a child’s bedroom, or a novel addition to your entertainment centre.

4 IHome IHL24 Organizer Speaker Lamp

Price: $29.99 at
This speaker system puts the fun in functional. It’s a fantastic way to organise your desktop. It features an iPod/MP3 player compartment as well as a functional lamp, organiser trays, and pen holders. No matter if you are at work or play, you’ll always have your favourite tunes to keep you company.

5 Mustek 7” Digital Photo Frame with Integrated Apple IPod Docking Station

Price: $89.94 at
This iPod docking station incorporates two popular digital devices – a photo frame and speaker system. It’s definitely ingenious, as far as fun iPod docks go. As well as photos, you can watch videos on the 7 inch screen. It has an iPod connector for music playback, as well as recharging capabilities.

6 Speakal IPig 2.1 Stero Docking Station

Price: $69.99 at
This bizarre looking “iPig” docking station is bound to attract a few curious glances. This docking station features five speakers, compatibility with most iPhone and iPod models, and a universal dock connector. It comes with a remote control. This toy-like device is an offbeat way to play your music.

7 Spectra Hello Kitty Animated Mini Speaker with Aux-in Jack

Price: $19.99 at
A novelty item list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a Hello Kitty device. This mini speaker system features a guitar-toting Hello Kitty perched on top of a speaker. To play your music, simply plug in your iPod or MP3 device into the speaker. You can then watch Hello Kitty “rock to the music” This particular device is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

There is quite a large market for novelty items such as these speaker systems. Of course, the kitschy nature of these items will not necessarily suit everyone’s tastes, or their home décor. Do any of the above fun iPod docks catch your eye?

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