7 Fun Facts about Halloween You Might Not Know ...


7 Fun Facts about Halloween You Might Not Know ...
7 Fun Facts about Halloween You Might Not Know ...

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to brush up on any facts about Halloween that you might not know! Halloween is absolutely one of my favorite holidays ever. I love the spirit, I love how morbid it is and I live two miles from the Halloween capital of the world – Salem! If you are looking for some amazing facts about Halloween, you've got to take a look below! Don't worry, this won't scare you!

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One of the best facts about Halloween that you might not know is that the very first Jack O' Lanterns were actually made out of turnips. They were hollowed out and carved just like we do nowadays with pumpkins! How crazy would that be to do that in this day and age? Turnips are so small! If you've ever tried to carve a turnip before, leave me a comment below with how you did!



Now, I don't know why anyone would really have a phobia of this fantastic holiday, but this is the term that is used when someone has a true fear of Halloween. Could it be all of the evil spirits? Could be it because it is a holiday where anything can happen because you dress up as someone different? Who knows!


Highest Grossing Holiday after Christmas

This was actually a huge learning for me – I had no idea that Halloween made that much money! Salem, I know, is always hopping throughout all of October and Halloween especially is crazy, but with all of the purchasing of costumes, decorations for your home and finally candy, this is truly one high grossing holiday! Think about this next time you are buying candy for Halloween!


Halloween Parade

Did you know that while Salem is dubbed as the Halloween capital, The Village Halloween parade in NYC is one of the largest in the US? This parade consists of about 50,000 and it draws over 2 million people in to see it! How crazy is that?


Birthplace of Halloween

Do you know where Halloween actually is rumored to start? Now, I am not at all sure if this is true or not, but Ireland is rumored to be the birthplace of Halloween. It all links back to the Celtic festival of Samhain. I had no idea! Did you?


Colors of Halloween

Do you know black and orange are the typical colors for Halloween? Well, orange is a symbol of strength and it stands for harvest and fall, while black is actually the symbol of death and darkness. This is a reminder that Halloween actually marks the boundaries between life and death. I actually love the colors of Halloween. I think that they are perfectly matched up with autumn and then the black is amazing!


Trick or Treating

Do any of you really know how trick or treating started? Well, trick or treating actually started when poor people in Britain would beg for some type of treat and pray for their dead relatives to return. Truthfully, this is just one of the many stories out there that is rumored to have started trick or treating, which ones have you heard?

Now that you are all prepared for Halloween, what are you thinking about going as? Share your costume choice and your knowledge about Halloween below!

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I grew up carving turnips at Halloween. It's an Irish tradition, although pumpkins are becoming increasingly more popular. Probably because they are much bigger. Turnips certainly are more awkward to carve but we used to make loads of them!!!

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