From Clothes to Dieting and Everything in between! How to Prepare for Your Christmas Plans ...

During this time of year, we wonder about the weather. In other words, wondering if there is there going to be snow for Christmas.

We mostly all have plans. There are a lot of preparations to go along with these plans. Let's discuss what to do...

1. Clothing

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Wear warm flat boots, leggings and an over-sized warm sweater. Dressy yet comfy yet casual. Simple?

2. Presents

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Obviously, presents are going to be under the tree if spending the day at your own house. However, if traveling, just tell Santa to pack the car on Christmas Eve.

3. Food

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Have food prep accomplished a few days ahead of time. Maybe a week ahead. Freeze what you can. Use disposable containers especially for a quick clean up.

4. Drinks

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Depending upon where you live, if the temperature allows, simply leave your bulk of the drinks outside of your house somewhere. This may seem hill-billy-ish, but the tactic serves its purpose.

5. Games

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Are you the type of people that like to play games when gathered? I know what I would like to play on Christmas... a round of BINGO. Ahead of time, tell guests to bring maybe 3 gifts to use as prizes to win as opposed to money.

6. Music

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Play some jazzy Christmas saxophone music as it is not so annoying. You know what I mean... By Christmas day you have heard all of the typical Christmas music played on radio stations that you can handle.

7. Dieting

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Allow yourself a cheat day. Christmas only comes once-a-year. Get back on the wagon the next day.

OK... We have covered what to accomplish this Christmas whether it snows or not. Is it going to be a white Christmas at your house? Find out with the following link!

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