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Even though degrees are not free, learning can be since there are hundreds of freeonline courses offered by some of the most prestigious universities in the world. In the last couple of years, mass open online courses (MOOCs) have become a real trend in online education and you can study anything from business to zoology or anthropology in the comfort of your own home at no cost. These courses cover dozens of topics, they are designed to be fun, interesting and rigorous and they are taught by some of the leaders in those fields. Here are 7 free classes you can take online today that you should consider:

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High-Impact Business Writing

High-Impact Business Writing You can find this course at: coursera.org
Effective business writing is a powerful tool in the business environment, so take this class if you want to improve your business skills. It will teach you how to articulate your thoughts in a clear and concise manner, you will learn how to spot, correct and even avoid some of the most common writing pitfalls. You will basically learn how to put good business writing to work for you.


Entrepreneurship – from Idea to Launch

Entrepreneurship – from Idea to Launch You can find this course at: udemy.com
This class is very informative, straight to the point and it guides aspiring entrepreneurs through the steps that will increase their chances of turning their ideas into asuccessful business. It’s taught by Dr. Jeff Cornwall, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and it contains more than 32 lectures and 10 exercises.


Food Preparation in the Home

Food Preparation in the Home You can find this course at: is.byu.edu
This freeonline course will help you improve your skills in the kitchen. You can start it at any time and it’s very interactive. It will help you develop skills in buying and preparing food and it will teach you how to handle, store and preserve food.


How to Build a Startup

How to Build a Startup You can find this course at: udacity.com
This course will help you get some insight into the key steps you need to build a successful startup. You will learn how to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering large amounts of customer and marketplace feedback. They basically teach you that building a startup is not only building an execution plan for a business model but a search for the actual business model itself.


21 Days to Building a Web Business

21 Days to Building a Web Business You can find this course at: alison.com
This course explains the process of developing anonline business in 21 days using a non-technical and step-by-step manner. It’s ideal for the people who always wanted to have an online business but who lack the skills or the knowledge to do so.


Fantasy and Science Fiction: the Human Mind, Our Modern World

Fantasy and Science Fiction: the Human Mind, Our Modern World You can find this course at: coursera.org
Fantasy is a term widely used in psychology but also in other areas of our lives. This course teaches you that the things we make, like our stories, reflect and often shape our needs and desires. This course will explore fantasy in general and science fiction in specific as art and as insight into ourselves and our world.


Astronomy 001

Astronomy 001 You can find this course at: itunes.apple.com
This is a web-based course that covers everything from planets and galaxies to the edge of the known Universe. It’s complete with interactive media, online presentations and video demonstrations and it’s offered by Penn State University.

There are a lot of free online courses that will allow you to continue your education and learn new and useful skills. I just mentioned a few in this little article, but I’m sure that there are many more I could add to this list. Do you know any other amazing freeonline classes? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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I'm taking eight classes on Coursera right now--- love it!

Astronomy wooow cool!

Definitely gonna check ! Thank you so much ! ❤️❤️

VERY helpful and informative article!

Wow thanks for this! 😁

Thank you so much 😊

Thanks! I'm checking these out! @Ileana Balt I share the same name as you! Spelled the exact same way!

This great info! Thanks for sharing

Great advice!! thanks!

Awesome! :-)

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