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7 Freakiest Female Serial Killers ...

By Holly

We always hear about the males, but what about the female serial killers? These women were ruthless, terrifying and downright crazy. They all killed many people. often in sick and twisted ways, and they will certainly go down in history as truly terrible people. These female serial killers are some of the most terrifying you will ever hear about.

1 Beverly Allitt

Beverly AllittKicking off this list of female serial killers is the freaky Beverly Allitt. She worked as a paediatric nurse, and over a period of 58 days, she killed four children and attacked nine others. It is thought that she suffered from Münchausen Syndrome, which is where someone pretends to have an illness in order to attract attention. Eventually, Beverly was arrested and received 13 life sentences.

2 Jeanne Weber

Jeanne WeberIn March of 1905, Jeanna Weber strangled four children to death, including her son and two nieces. After these incidents, she was caught in the act of strangling her 10-year-old nephew, after which she was tried but acquitted. This lead her to take up babysitting, which ended in another two deaths. She was eventually declared clinically insane and lived in an asylum for two years before she committed suicide by hanging.

3 Juana Barraza

Juana BarrazaIt is thought that Juana Barazza was traded by her alcoholic mother for three beers. The man who ended up with her subjected her to rape, from which she had four children. In 1990, Juana began killing older women (generally over 60 years old) who lived alone, by pretending to be a government official and gaining access to their houses, where she would kill and rob them. She was later arrested and charged with 759 years in prison.

4 Maria Swanenburg

Maria SwanenburgMaria was a woman that everyone in her community loved. She looked after children and people that were sick, although it later became apparent that she was poisoning them all. After they were dead, she would collect all of the inheritance, which she said she deserved due to her “services”. After being caught, she spent the rest of her life in a correctional facility until she died in 1915.

5 Vera Renczi

Vera RencziEach and every boyfriend Vera Renczi had ended up mysteriously disappearing, until they were all discovered by police hidden under the house, in her wine cellar. There were 32 male corpses, all decomposing, each one within his own coffin. Vera confessed to each and every murder and spent the rest of her life in prison, where she subsequently died.

6 Magdalena Solis

Magdalena SolisMagdalena is unique, as it is very clear that she had strong sexual motivation for her killings. She posed as the reincarnation of a goddess, leading a cult and performing human sacrifices and torture, even going to far as drinking her victim’s blood. She was eventually arrested, but only charged with two murders because no matter how hard they tried, the police could not link her to any of the others. She served 50 years in prison.

7 Delphine LaLaurie

Delphine LaLaurieIn the middle of the 1820s, Delphine LaLaurie lived with her two daughters and her husband. They were of a very high social class. After a series of events, including a house fire, a 70-year-old woman was found, chained to the stove. This woman had started the fire herself as an attempt at suicide, to get out of the cycle of torture that Delphine subjected her and a number of slaves to. Delphine LaLaurie disappeared, though she apparently died years later in Paris.

How freaky are these ladies? I certainly am glad I didn’t know any of them! Serial killers are always intriguing to read about, and don’t we love a good scare! Have you heard of any of these female serial killers?

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