Ursula and Other Flattering Yet Dazzling Costumes for plus Size Women ...

Looking for an Ursula costume or perhaps another flattering plus size one to suit your needs? You certainly aren't alone.

If you are anything like me, you love to get into the spirit of the season. Now that September is quickly running its course all anyone can think of is fall fashion and of course, Halloween costumes! Halloween costume shopping can be quite annoying for any adult woman, but when you add a few dress sizes to that, it becomes a whole ordeal! Shopping for Halloween costumes larger than a “L” or “XL” is very stressful, if you want it to fit. But stress no more! Here is a list of 10 flattering Halloween costumes including an Ursula costume that you are going to love.

1. Ursula

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With the new Disney remake in the works, The Little Mermaid is becoming more popular than it has in decades. Show your love of the movie by dressing in an awesome Ursula costume this year! She’s the HBIC of the underwater world and a total BA.


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