9 Fine Time Management Tips ...

Are you in need of some time management tips? We have a ton of things in our lives that are supposed to help us manage our time, like our smartphone with its super clever apps. But if you’re looking to get a better handle on your time without relying solely on technology, try out some of these time management tips I’ve rounded up for us!

1. Make a List

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Whether you like to create your lists online or you prefer the pen and paper type, making lists is one of the easiest and effective time management tips around! Making lists can help provide direction for the day, manage tasks and help you to recall information so you work smarter and not harder! Lists can also help you plan your work ahead so you can schedule your work accordingly.

2. Log Your Time

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If you feel like you make good decisions on managing your time yet you still have no spare time, try logging your time for a few days. Use a journal or diary to jot down how you spend your day. This means you track everything from your meals, driving time, TV, meetings, etc. You’re probably going to be surprised at how you spend your time, like an hour on Pinterest and another hour online window shopping, and be able to identify better ways to use your time!

3. Set Priorities

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I used to be one of those people who felt that most of my tasks were of equal importance so it was difficult for me to prioritize. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Be very honest with yourself and make sure all the things you think are a priority really are so that you’re not letting something urgent slip by you! You can easily miss deadlines by not making enough time to work on large tasks so be aware!

4. Set Boundaries

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The next time management tip might not earn you the Miss Popularity award but if you want to better manage your time, it must be done! Set boundaries with co-workers who randomly wander in your workspace for idle chit chat. You can always set aside time for fun but don’t let it take over your day to the point where you lose valuable work time!

5. Group Tasks

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If you have similar tasks that frequently come across your desk, group them together and complete them at the same time so you save time. If you have filing, sorting or other similar tasks to do, save them for a time when you can finish it all. It makes no sense sorting and punching holes in papers only to set them aside to file later on in the day, right?!

6. Set a Time

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Try your best to only check emails at designated times for no more than five minutes each time. Frequently checking emails can kill precious time and side track you from more important tasks you’re working on. Turn off your email alerts if possible and check them only at the set times each day. Also, if you find that personal calls are wasting a lot of your time, turn off or silence your phone and check your messages at specified intervals as well.

7. Adjust Your Workspace

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Another great time management tip that can improve your productivity is to adjust your workplace to meet your needs. Get an ergonomic assessment, move some furniture around or adjust the lighting in your area so you can work more efficiently and comfortably. There are lots of little ways you can make your workspace more enjoyable and comfy if you take a step back and think about it!

8. Say No

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What better way to manage your time than to say no to extra tasks, errands and responsibilities when you know your plate is full?! Learning to say no can be challenging at first but it’s better to give your all to a few projects rather than spreading yourself thin and doing a bunch of jobs in a harried frenzy!

9. Reward Yourself

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If you’ve made some progress towards your time management goals, don’t forget to reward yourself! Now that you’ve found ways to have some free time, use it to treat yourself to a massage, a pedicure or even a nap! Looking forward to a reward can help staying on task more easily, plus we all deserve a reward every now and then. Don’t forget to acknowledge your successes and celebrate them!

Time management isn’t the easiest thing to learn to do. But with a little hard work and discipline, we can take steps to improve our productivity and have a little time to spare! These time management tips might take some time to get used to but they’ll go a long way in helping you manage your time. Do you have any time management tips?

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