Feelings a Man Will Simply Never Be Able to Give You ...


Feelings a Man Will Simply Never Be Able to Give You ...
Feelings a Man Will Simply Never Be Able to Give You ...

Men can make us feel great. After all, love makes the world go round. But as much joy they bring to our lives, there are just some feelings men can’t give us. Big and little things give us the feels like no man can. Things like these …

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Taking Your Makeup off after the Longest Day Ever

face, person, nose, skin, head, Sure, he might be able to give you some much needed affection, but can he emulate that feeling of total satisfaction when you can finally wipe your face free from the heavy makeup that you have worn all day? I don’t think so! Nothing makes you feel fresher.


The Same Goes for Your Bra!

hair, person, muscle, hairstyle, arm, Taking your bra off when you get home after a long day is one the most amazing, indescribable feelings that a man will never be able to give you. I sometimes feel sorry for guys because they will never know what that feels like; they are missing out!


The Personal Nature of Touching Yourself!

person, muscle, sense, finger, Sure, sexual intimacy is often more fun when there is someone else involved, but when it comes down to it, the only person who knows exactly what you like is you, so being able to touch yourself is a great talent with great rewards.


Fitting Back in to Those Old Jeans

jeans, denim, clothing, trousers, pocket, What else can compare to the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you reach a weight loss goal and can finally fit back in that old pair of jeans? Mission well and truly accomplished!


Eating That Heavenly Slice of Pizza

human action, person, nose, mouth, blond, When it comes to sex vs. pizza (or, in my case, chocolate), it is often too close to call, especially when you take that first bite of a pizza that is filled with all of your very favorite toppings. Absolutely heavenly!


Getting a Compliment on a Suspect Outfit

human action, person, mouth, interaction, eating, It feels great when a woman compliments you on an outfit that you weren’t 100% sure about when you left home that morning. It’s a real feeling of sisterhood!


Being Financially Stable

black and white, person, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, Nothing can beat being able to pay all your bills on time and still being able to treat yourself with some cash left over in your account. No man can give you that feeling of self worth at having your personal financial situation in good standing.


Having a Successful Binge Watch

image, screenshot, singing, photo shoot, PLLGIFS, There is something so satisfying about sitting down on the couch and clearing out your DVR by watching everything you needed to catch up on. It almost feels like a form of exercise, and you deserve it; you’ve trained hard for it!


Assembling the Perfect Brunch

meal, lunch, restaurant, sense, dish, It’s all about the small things in life, and one of those unbeatable small things is the feeling you get when you realize you have become a brunch master. The perfect selection of food along with the perfect selection of company can lead to hours of fun that often turns in to dinner as well!


Getting Sweet Texts from Your BFF

red, person, photography, singing, photo shoot, You’re used to getting sweet texts from your man, after all, that’s part of his job! But nothing can quite beat that feeling when you receive a sweet, loving text from your bestie just to remind you how much they love you and how much you love them.

I’m sure there are more “just because” moments we can add to the list. Why not stick your favorite in the comments.

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