7 Favorite Places to People Watch ...


I have come across some excellent places to people watch. If you aren’t familiar with people watching it is simply sitting back in a public place and watching how the people around you interact with each other. Now some might argue that being a people watcher makes you a little bit creepy, but I complete disagree. I like to think of is as scientific research on human behavior. If people watching now has your interest sparked check out these my 7 favorite places to people watch.

1. The Mall

One of the best places to people watch has to be the mall. You have such an eclectic bunch of people there. It’s fun to watch the young in love couples holding hands as they walk in and out of stores. You also have the moms who woke up and thought it would be an awesome idea to take three kids under the age of 5 out shopping. If you have even one child in that age group you know how tiring a simple shopping trip can be. You might even spot a serious power walker or two during your crowd gazing.

The Park
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